10 Best Dirt Bikes for 12 years Olds in 2022

Dirt bikes are a great way for your 12-year-old to gain skills that will last a lifetime. This is an activity that your kids need to be completely in control of depending on what kind of bike your child loves, and how much experience they have with it. It’s not hard to find a cheap dirt bike for your child, but you may be surprised at how much fun it is to own a bike that your child genuinely enjoys.

If you’re the parent of a 12-year-old, there’s a good chance that they’re ready to start riding dirt bikes. In fact, many riders get their start on dirt bikes at this age. While there are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a dirt bike for a 12-year-old, not all of them are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best dirt bikes for 12-year-olds and what to look for when choosing one. So if your little one is itching to hit the trails, read on! 


Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V Red

Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V Red

A start sound, simulated handlebars, and a push-button operation are all included in this licensed Honda Dirt Bike.

The upgraded rechargeable 6 Volt batteries and stable front and back wheels make it a safe ride for kids. Is it time to let your kid experience the freedom of the open road? You can’t go wrong with the Honda CRF250R 6V Red Dirt Bike for kids.

This licensed Honda Dirt Bike includes features like a start sound and push-button drive to give your child the experience of riding a real motorcycle. Two training wheels and a maximum speed of 1.5-2 mph make the Bike safe for children to ride. Prior to use, the upgraded 6 Volt battery needs to be fully charged.

With its steel frame, the bike can withstand the worst of nature. It is possible to drive up and down steep hills and rough terrain with the 250cc engine’s power. The smooth power delivery of this motorcycle’s engine all the way up to its redline makes it even more enjoyable to ride.


Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride Dirt Bike

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride Dirt Bike

The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride comes with an exciting RACE TRAIL kit with a twist throttle, speed control lever, and the Razor logo.

For added authenticity, the motorcycle also comes with a matching helmet for kids to wear and a matching kid seat with handlebar grips to help them control their vehicle. The dirt bike also has a push-button start that lets you get right to racing in no time. In addition, it has front and rear disc brakes for maximum control.

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride Dirt Bike is an all-purpose fun ride that can be used for a variety of reasons and activities such as, riding on the road, going to school, riding on the beach, or just having some fun.

No matter what you are doing with this bike, you will have a great time! The powerful 250-watt motor delivers a top speed of 14 mph. It also comes equipped with a LED headlight and safety brake system.


TOBBI 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle

TOBBI 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle

TOBBI 12V Kid’s Ride-On Motorcycle is a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. This fantastic motorized plaything can be taken on long rides.

The motorcycle has a great look and a 2-speed gear control function which makes it so much more fun to ride around. The electric motor’s speed can be controlled by the throttle control, which gives you the ability to make the ride more exciting or relaxing.

Kids will love the bright red color, sleek design, and realistic detailing that makes this 12V ride-on truck so realistic. This motorcycle also has dual front wheels that give it the ability to roll over uneven surfaces. The bike boasts a total weight capacity of 120 pounds on the seat with a maximum weight of 88 pounds on the pedals.

The motorcycle is about 20 inches high, has rubber wheels, and has a seat that is removable for toddlers and kids of smaller sizes. This ride-on big boy motorcycle is designed for children who are ready to learn that riding a bike is a ton of fun.

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Ride Dirt Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Ride Dirt Bike

Dirt Rocket 24V Ride On Electric is a great electric ride for your child on road.

It has a high-torque motor that provides lots of power, speed and safety to your child. The great thing about this product is that it comes with a powerful 330-watt 12-volt battery which gives you a ride time of up to 15 miles. Its rechargeable battery system means you can just pick it up and plug it in to recharge the battery, so you never have to worry about running out of power again.

It has an awesome design and can be used both indoors and outdoors which is great for those who have a backyard or small yard The best part is that once the battery is recharged, you can go up to 40 miles before it needs to be recharged again. The Razor MX has a weight capacity of 220lbs which is great for kids between the ages of 10 to 12 years of age. 


Aosom 6V Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric Battery-Powered Ride

Aosom 6V Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric Battery-Powered Ride

The Aosom 6V Motorcycle Dirt Bike is the perfect choice for kids. It does not look sporty and it does not look like a toy.

It looks like a real bike that can be used in any way possible. I know many kids that are crazy about this amazing model which is made of steel and very well designed. The Aosom 6V Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric Battery-Powered Ride.

This children’s electric motorcycle has working headlights and horns, making it feel just like the real thing, and can last up to 45 minutes on a full charge. The large training wheels make it easy for kids to stay upright, while the two handlebars give them something to grip onto for extra balance.

So let your child’s imagination run wild with this exciting battery-powered ride!Kids can also show off their cool ride by prancing around like a pillion passenger on this kids dirt bike!This exciting little motorcycle is much more fun than it looks. 


TOBBI 12V Kids Ride On Motorcycle, Dirt Bike

The TOBBI Dirt Bike is a fantastic product that is an ideal present for kids.

It is built with a sturdy all-terrain chassis and high-quality, battery-operated engine which provides smooth and powerful performance. The engine has a strong running potential with the help of the four wheel driven drive system and realistic riding behavior.

This compact vehicle can move forward, backward, left and right; it also turns left and right. With the specially designed foot pedal, the riding experiences of kids can be controlled by them easily. Riding on this cool toy will be a great learning experience for your kid.

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XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

Children will enjoy riding the XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike. It’s built to withstand the rigors of even the most challenging situations.

Hand-operated front and back brake discs on this mini dirt bike allow it to stop quickly in an emergency. The twist-grip throttle and large pneumatic knobby tires make it easy for your child to maneuver.

Long distances can be covered by this motorized toy. The motorcycle’s two-speed gear control makes it a joy to ride around on. The electric motor’s speed can be adjusted via the throttle control, making the ride more exhilarating or relaxing as desired. The motorcycle stands 20 inches tall and has rubber wheels and a removable seat for children of smaller sizes.

The 2-speed gear control on the motorcycle makes it a lot of fun to ride around on. The throttle control allows you to alter the speed of the electric motor, allowing you to make the ride more exhilarating or relaxing. With a seat that can be removed for children of smaller sizes, the motorcycle is about 20 inches tall with rubber wheels and a removable seat. 


HONEY JOY Ride on Motorcycle, 12V Mini Electric Bike 

HONEY JOY Ride on Motorcycle, 12V Mini Electric Bike 

The Honey Joy Electric Bike is the perfect way to get from point A to point B with ease

This lightweight and easy-to-ride bike is ideal for providing a little exercise and fresh air as well as getting from one place to another. Perfect for kids of all ages, the electric bike includes a durable steel frame that allows for stability and control.

This 12V ride-on motorcycle is equipped with 4.8 inch TFT LCD color display which also acts as a backup key. This battery-operated motorcycle has LED headlamps for safe riding when it gets dark and a rear disc brake for braking purpose.

In front, it’s equipped with an adjustable handlebar which also comes with cruise control and a horn to give your kid utmost safety. Parents can rest assured knowing that this smart electric motorcycle has three-point adjustable seat belts for added safety of their kids. Here are some best Dirt Bike Under $1000 in 2022.


Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle

Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle

You can’t go wrong with this Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle! It’s simple for kids to start and stop the motorcycle with the help of a key.

In addition, the curved seat contours to children’s bodies, enhancing their driving comfort. There are two training wheels on the motorcycle to keep it from tipping over. A shock absorber spring is incorporated into the motorcycle’s design to ensure a comfortable ride.

This 12V Motorcycle is perfect for your child’s first riding experience. With the balance and stability of an ATV with the ease of a bike, this motorbike is easy to ride and cool to look at. This kid’s motorbike has a strong steel frame and powerful disc brakes, perfect for any kid.

This kid’s bike offers a lot of value for the price, for this reason, it’s our best seller in this category! The RC kids motorcycle with a 12-volt battery and a speed of up to 20.8 mph is an ideal choice for your kids to learn how to drive safely and confidently.

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Kid Trax Kids KTX Mini Bike

Kid Trax Kids KTX Mini Bike

The Kid Trax Kids KTX Mini Bike is a safe, sturdy bike that is guaranteed to bring smiles to imaginative kids.

This colorful bike is constructed with high-quality materials and is safe for hours of fun. This mini bike can be ridden onto the beach, around the neighborhood streets, or even Race Tracks – it will provide hours of fun and excitement.

The Kid Trax Mini Bike is the ideal ride-on for your little speed demon. It’s rugged construction makes the ride smooth and easy for your kid. The twist grip throttle allows for ultimate control so you can steer and go at any speed. The durable steel construction makes this bike a great way to get kids moving and discovering their world.

How fast will a 50cc dirt bike go?

A 50cc dirt bike will go pretty fast! It all depends on the rider’s weight and how experienced they are. Generally, a dirt bike can reach speeds of up to 40 mph. Of course, if you’re an experienced biker, you’ll be able to go much faster than that. Thanks for asking!

What is a good starter dirt bike?

 A good starter dirt bike depends on the rider’s experience, skill level, and desired riding style. Some important factors to choosing a dirt bike include the engine size, suspension, and tires. 

What is the best dirt bike for a 12-year-old?

If you’re looking for a good starter dirt bike, the Honda CRF250X is a great choice. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, yet still packed with features that make it a great bike for both beginners and experienced riders alike. Plus, its brakes are super responsive, so you can always be safe on the trails.

How fast is 125cc?

Generally speaking, though, a 125cc bike can reach speeds of up to 60 or 70 mph – perhaps even more if the rider is skilled and experienced. It’s definitely not as fast as a larger motorcycle, but it can definitely get up and go when needed!

Is a 250cc dirt bike good for a 12 year old?

That really depends on the child’s size and weight. A 250cc dirt bike might be too powerful for a small or light child, which could lead to an accident. Conversely, a larger or heavier child might be able to handle the power of a 250cc dirt bike without any problems. The best way to find out is to have the child test ride different sizes of dirt bikes until they find one that feels comfortable and safe.

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